Custom taxonomy in WordPress

Let’s take an in-depth look at how to create your own custom taxonomies in WordPress, including simple and advanced creation of taxonomies in WP. WordPress’ custom taxonomies make it possible to structure large amounts of content in a logical, well-organized way. In WordPress, categories are set up as a hierarchical taxonomy, and tags are set up as a multifaceted […]

Remove Query Strings from Static Resources

When it comes to WordPress performance, this question comes up quite a bit, and that is how to remove query strings from static resources. Your CSS and JavaScript files usually have the file version on the end of their URLs, such as Some servers and proxy servers are unable to cache query strings, even […]

Insert Ads after nth paragraph of WordPress posts

He guys! Today I will show you how to modify a post in WordPress so that you can have your ads or some customized contents just after the second paragraph of your WordPress single posts. Just look at the following code snippets and you will find the explanation inside code snippets. It’s well documented for […]

Leverage Browser Caching and Enable Compression

Caching a WordPress website is easier with any caching plugin available in the WordPress repository. But sometimes you may feel that a lot of plugin may slow down your lovely website. That’s why you may choose to add code to your website instead of adding multiple plugins. Here is my solution to leverage browser caching […]