Remove Query Strings from Static Resources

When it comes to WordPress performance, this question comes up quite a bit, and that is how to remove query strings from static resources. Your CSS and JavaScript files usually have the file version on the end of their URLs, such as Some servers and proxy servers are unable to cache query strings, even if a cache-control:public header is present. So by removing them, you can sometimes improve your caching. This will also fix that warning you see in Pingdom and GTMetrix called “Remove query strings from static resources.”

Versioning on files is also used by WordPress developers so that when you update a plugin, you aren’t forced flush the cache. For example, if they push out an update and change style.css from ?ver=4.6 to ?ver=4.7, it will be treated as a completely new URL and won’t be cached. They are also used for organization in development workflows.

We can get rid of this query string by using the following snippets in our theme’s functions.php file:

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